Critical equipments, such as screening systems, require constant cleaning and routine, preventive or corrective maintenance of the structures and machinery involved. FAI Stoplogs and Sluicegate are studied to guarantee safe isolation of the screening channels or bays, to perform maintenance or overhauling operations in the easiest and driest way.


The main components are:

DAMPLATES open beam type, made in Carbon or Stainless Steel. They can be designed in one or more sections to cover the deepest and widest channels and suitable stiffened to withstand the maximum water pressure with reinforcing beams placed in zones of equal resistance. Sealing is achieve by replaceable UV-resistant gaskets piano note type. Gaskets can be located on three side (bottom and laterals) in case the damboard extend over the extreme high water level (HHWL) or on four side (top, bottom and laterals) in case the damboard curtail the HHWL. In this case a concrete apron wall must be added at the civil work channels. When required damplates can be designed with watertighness in two directions.

GUIDE TRACKS, consist of stainless steel folded plates to be embodied with the con¬crete, with studs, nuts and anchoring plates previously provided for building into the first phase concrete. The studs, welded to the anchoring plates, are adjusted by means of the nut to achieve the most accurate alignment of the guides, prior the second phase grouting. The tracks extend up to the deck level.


  • Corrosion Protection, achieved by properly selected epoxy painting system or cathodic protection that normally foresee sacrificial anodes for damplates and impressed current for guide tracks.
  • Equalizing valve, integrated in the damplate and actuated by a threaded spindle, provide the flood of the isolated side of the channel before the removal of the damboard elements.
  • Lifting Hook Beam, handled by mobile or rail crane, is used for inserting and withdrawing the damplate sections and is also suitable to drive the equalising valve for the opening purpose. This device is in the form of an auto¬matic engaging and disengaging grappling beam.
  • Storage Stand, used to store the damboard elements in vertical position when are not in use. This will includes adequate attachments for storing the Lifting Beam. Each compartment is equipped with protection strips in order to avoid damages to the painting of both damplate and stand.
  • Removable shaft cover, made in GRP or Steel with non-slip top, placed in GRP or Stainless Steel “L” shaped plates.
  • Air Cleaning System for all base stop log guide frames to avoid sediment of sand.
  • Rollers, used to reduce the friction and to help the gaskets in case of low water levels.


MOTORIZED SLUICE GATE can be supplied if required. The driving of the damplates is obtainedby means of two vertical spindles connected with a driving system, composed of one electric actuator, two square gearboxes, one connecting shaft, one supporting frame installed at the deck level. The spindles are connected with two equalizing valves.


The actuator can includes:

  • hand wheel for manual or emergency operation; the hand wheel remains idle during the normal power operation thereby safeguarding the operator.
  • starters,
  • overload torque limiters,
  • limit switches,
  • electronic position control
  • thermostatic switch